Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Motivational speakers such as Carrie Wilkerson, Brendon Burchard, Michael Hyatt, and others are quoted saying things such as:

"The more time spent in the planning stage, the more things get done in the execution."

·        Vision – The way you see everything completed
·        Goals – Stepping Stones toward your vision
·        Strategy – Things to do to achieve the goal
·        Tactics – Specific action to achieve the strategy
·        Timeline – Set a completion deadline

Here are my (Sandra's) answers to questions that were ask.

What is holding me back?  My learning disability.  Inability to focus for long periods of time.  Eyesight strain.

What is in my way? Not being patience with myself.  Knowing that whatever I do will take a long time.  Not switching from task to task in a timely manner so my eyes don’t get too tired.  

When there are limitations ask yourself, “What else do these limitations make possible?” 

Understanding of others who do not fit in the box and those who have disabilities. 

By learning how to compensate myself, I can help others reach their potential by mentoring those who need to learn how to compensate.

By learning how to have patience, I will on purpose go slower so I can be more accurate.  Instead of doing everything wrong because of impatience, I can do things right because of patience.

What did writing all this out do for me? Gave me new insight to reaching my goals.  I can actually see what was "holding me back" and what I need to do about it.  

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