Thursday, January 24, 2013

Due to physical issues, I needed a homebased business in order to provide a living.  I started selling on ebay.  Not knowing anything about it, I just listed some items here and there.  At the post office one day a man came in and the post master looked at me and said, " He sells on eBay, you should talk to him."  He shared some ideas with me and we went our own way.

A few months pass and I am still not making any money. Selling things yes. Being able to pay bills no.  I emailed him and he popped me back three messages with loads of information. One of my concerns  was I had learned you can't sell on ebay during the month of January due to people just not buying.  He said to list everyday because you never know when someone is shopping for a certain item.

I am so glad I listened to him.  I have been listing away this month and my sales are growing.

My Something Wonderful today: The man at the post office.

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